Professional Women

Chanee Robinson – Writer

Chanee’ Robinson is a teacher, writer, and blogger. She uses her writing as a tool to inspire women through education, empowerment, and encouragement. Chanee’s writing, whether a fiction story, current event, book review, event coverage, or something from her life experience, inspires other women to do and be their best. She encourages women of all [...]

Margaret Civella – iReview

Margaret Civella is the owner of IReview, which is a Content Marketing and Publishing Company.

Debra Taylor, CEO & Visionary for Premiere Planners Experience

Debra Taylor, CEO & Visionary for Premiere Planners Experience. She is also the owner of Taylor Made Planning Inc. a company that specializes in planning, design, and décor. Debra has coached many event industry professionals as they launched and revamped their businesses.

Saviela Edwards Thorne – Author

Saviela is Author of “Seasons of a Woman’s Life: Devotionals to Empower Women to Become Overcomers”

Danielle Batiste – Author and Speaker

Danielle Batiste is a bestselling author and speaker. Danielle is a native of Louisiana but currently lives in Newport News, VA with her Husband Floyd and son, Brandon. Her husband and son are very much a part of her “why”, in fact, they are her inspiration to serve the world as a speaker and author.

Sharlrita Deloatch – Publisher for Women Entrepreneurs

Sharlrita is a successful entrepreneur, motivational speaker, business strategist, and author. She is dedicated to teaching and coaching women entrepreneurs and women in leadership to break through the proverbial glass and sometimes concrete ceiling

Yolonda Neal – Co-Founder of Divas Crochet Hair

Yolonda Neal is the co-founder of DivasCrochet Hair along with business partner Nadiya Ibrihim.

Chivalier “Sherrie” Anderson – Living and Loving by Faith

Chivalier “Sherrie” Anderson says being me is simply living and loving by faith. Each day is a gift and should be unwrapped as such.

Danielle D Cole – Owner of Slay The Day By D Cole

Danielle has always had a true passion and desire to inspire, encourage and help people; particularly women

Shontel Littles – Owner of Wealthy Girlz

Shontel Littles is the Owner of Wealthy Girlz and a Money Management Strategist! She is passionate about helping women break financial barriers, she lives to see women live the life they dream of!

Janielle Saddler-Barnett – Founder & CEO of Mommy Hustle Nation Inc

Janielle Saddler-Barnett is a wife, mother of 3 and Business Wealth Builder. Her company Mommy Hustle Nation, Inc is Digital Marketing Agency.

Denise M Johnson – Founder & Co-Owner of Johnson Jr. Family Books

Denise M. Johnson is the founder and co-owner Johnson Jr. Family Books. She is a married mother of two girls from Chicago, Illinois. She is an author, writer, and visionary.

Tanitra Peete – Owner of Kocktails and Kreativity

Tanitra Peete is the mother of a 22yr old son and 15yr old daughter. She graduated from Eastern Michigan University. She recently moved to Douglasville, GA from Detroit, MI to be closer to family and enjoy warmer weather.

Tanisha Chambers – Author & Owner of Zuri Adventure Books.

Tanisha was born and raised in Philly to Jamaican parents. She graduated from Martin Luther King High school and later graduated from Rosemont College where she studied Accounting.

Christin Davis – Financial Services Professional

Christin N Davis grew up in different neighborhoods in Philadelphia, such as South Philly and West Philly. From the time she was a little girl, she always dreamed of helping people in many different ways.

Jasmine Monk – Founder of Jasmine & Co.

Hi there! My name is Jasmine, a dedicated wife, and mother to two adorable girls! I am also the founder of Jasmine & Co.

Natalie Sanchez – Owner of Soiree Designs LLC

My name is Natalie Sanchez and I am the owner of Soiree Designs LLC, I’ve always had a passion for décor and hosting events so I’ve found a way to incorporate them both through event design.

Latasha Bailey – Coach, Educator and Founder of Luvely Wives Club and SuccessHER

Latasha Bailey is a woman empower and motivator, mother of Twin 14-year-old boys and wife to her high school sweetheart who she met 22 years ago. She is also the Founder of SuccessHer, Women Empowherd, Queen EmpowHerd Coaching, and Luvely Wives Club.

LaShana Lloyd – Founder of Faith Led Life

LaShana Lloyd is Founder/Owner of Faith Led Life and Faith Led Coaching LLC. She is a Christian Blogger, Life Coach, Author, and Speaker. She helps women from all walks of life become encouraged, inspired, and empowered so that their confidence becomes stronger.